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Quik Shade Canopy

Quik Shade Instant Canopy makes several different styles of instant canopy. A Quik Shade canopy is made with the same accordion technology as developed by EZ Up Inc. Whereas an EZ Up top ‘professional’ grade 100 square foot shelter can cost as much as $675.00 prices top out at $310.00 for a 100 square foot Quik Shade ‘Summit’canopy shelter.

It's this reviewer’s opinion after researching each company’s website that Quik Shade Instant Canopy and EZ Up Canopies Instant Shelter are owned by the same company and together cover all price points for instant canopy shelters and pop up tents. If you are looking for a reasonably priced instant canopy shelter with basic quality features then consider investing in a Quik Shade Canopy.

Quik Shade Summit Canopy Line

Quik Shade Summit canopies have multiple desirable specifications. Two of the Summit series models have 100 square foot bases with differing canopy sizes depending on what type of eaves are included. Summit model 233 model has the option of very wide eaves that when extended create a canopy top 233 square feet large! On the other hand, Summit model 81 has a 144 square foot base but the frame angles up to a small canopy that is only 81 square feet with no extending eaves. The model numbers represent the size of the canopy top, not the base size.

A Quik Shade Summit Canopy Shelter has a heavy duty steel frame, “spring-loaded sliders and bearings” for easy set up, and rust proof nylon plastic parts and feet. The canopies are made of either 150 denier or 300 denier (for larger models) polyurethane coated and aluminum-backed fabric. The aluminum coating is said to provide UV protection. Maybe the coolest (no pun intended) feature of the Summit series Quik Shade Canopy is the vented top that helps make it cooler inside as well as helping prevent the canopy from sailing away in the wind, a common problem with portable, lightweight shelters and gazebos. Just in case that is not enough, Quik Shade makes concrete “weight plates” designed to hold the shelter in place.

quik shade canopy 233

Quik Shade Canopy model 233 with eaves extended

Commercial Quik Shade Canopy

Frankly, it’s not clear just what is the difference between the Summit series and the one Commercial Canopy except for price—the Commercial canopy is a little less expensive than the Summit models.

Quik Shade ‘Weekender’ Canopies

Quik Shade Canopy Weekender series are described as being as sturdy and high quality as the Summit models but with less bells and whistles making them lighter, more portable, and more appropriate for family outings. Weekender bases come as large as 144 square feet and as small as 64 square feet but with smaller canopies that don’t have the vented tops. The fabric is 150 denier across the board, but still have polyurethane coatings and aluminum backings. Some of these models are very inexpensive.

Quik Shade “Go Hybrid Backpack” Canopy

The name speaks for itself doesn’t it? It weighs 15 pounds and folds up into a backpack that is less than 1 cubic foot in size. It comes with a half wall panel and mesh eaves.

Quik Shade seems quite proud of their Tiki Canopy. The canopy top is covered with synthetic “grass” that supposedly resembles a tropical thatched roof. No matter that real thatching is done with palm fronds! Seems fun but on the website there is a warning that some of the materials used in this canopy are thought to be carcinogenic, at least in the eyes of the state of California. It is not fully explained, so buyers do your homework if you are concerned.

Every Quik Shade Canopy described above can be outfitted with accessories such as opaque or screen wall panels, one piece covers with a single entryway, and interior rope lighting systems.

In addition to these somewhat utilitarian portable canopy shelters, Quik Shade makes fancier Home Décor gazebos that are ideal for jazzing up your garden and pool area. More of the Cabana look. The canopy fabric is decorative polyester without the UV protection offered in the other models. The two largest models called Trinidad and Tuscany do have vented tops and steel frameworks. There is even a very small model designed to be used as a portable pool changing room. Great idea from Quik Shade Instant Canopy!